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MedexClinic is Jacksonville’s premier choice for Primary Care, Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetics. At MedexClinic, we take pride in treating our patients like family and strive to provide friendly, efficient and compassionate care to all who visit our office. We partner with our patients to promote optimal health and prevention of disease. We focus on primary care but we also have expertise in medical weight loss and aesthetics. Here at MedexClinic, we provide the highest quality treatments and help guide each patient through their custom cosmetic procedures. From anti-aging, to medical weight loss, MedexClinic is sure to have the service best fit for you and your aesthetic needs.

Our desire is to provide you with the finest personalized care, while creating beautiful, natural results that will turn your dreams into reality. MEDEXCLINIC offers result-oriented laser skin care treatments. From age spots to fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles and more - we can address all of your body image issues to help you achieve realistic, lasting results. You can enjoy luxurious laser skin rejuvenation treatments that have long-lasting benefits. As specialists in noninvasive skin rejuvenation procedures, we use the latest and safest technology, such as IPL & SCITON Laser. MedexClinic offers Botox injections for those unsightly wrinkles as well as Dermal Filler, Juvederm to add a little extra volume and fullness to facial features, Nasolabialfolds (lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth). We also offer Microdermabrasion that aid in reversing the effects of aging on the face. In addition, we offer Laser Spider Vein Treatment & Sclerotherapy, a treatment for unsightly spider veins.

At MEDEXCLINIC, come to experience the weight loss program that has helped many. We have developed a unique weight loss program that has helped our clients lose weight, from 10 pounds to 100 pounds! MedexClinic offers several weight loss programs. We work with patients to implement the plans. Medical weight loss allows for patient choices and customized plans and maintenance programs to create lifestyle changes for a slimmer, healthier you. Whether looking to ‘jump start’ your diet or want rapid weight loss, our weight loss programs are great to help our patients succeed.